Body composition and bank accounts?

What do body composition and bank accounts have in common? Most people will agree that body composition fluctuates depending on how much we deposit and how much we withdraw. Our bank account are very similar with one key and very important difference. When we deposit $500 into our bank account we are able to withdraw that money anytime we see fit. This is not the case when it comes to body fat.

In order to deposit body fat, or store it, our body has to raise insulin levels. Insulin helps maintain blood sugar levels, which are tightly regulated. As we eat most foods, blood sugar or blood glucose will start to go up. Our body senses blood sugar going up and more insulin is produced to keep it in a normal range. Insulin does this by pushing glucose (sugar) into muscles, organs, and tissue, where it is available for energy production. Glucose is one of two fuel sources our body can use to create energy, however our muscles and organs can only store a small amount of it. In order to regulate blood sugar, our body has to store any excess blood sugar as body fat, or it makes a deposit.

Withdrawing body fat is very different for everybody. This is because no two people have the exact same hormone levels. Everyone’s bodies react differently to changing environments. The easiest way I know to explain it is everybody has a time restriction between when they can deposit and when they can withdraw. Some people may be able to withdraw body fat only after a few hours after they have made a deposit. While others may need to wait 12 hours between deposit and withdraw. It all depends on our hormones. The good news for all of us, there are ways of decreasing the time.  This can be through exercise,  changes in diet, how often we eat, and even through the amount of sleep we get at night. Changes in any one of these areas may make huge differences for us.

Exercise: Exercise is one way to lower insulin levels. As we exercise, our bodies will use its stored glucose as fuel. Insulin is needed to push glucose into our cells and the more we use, the lower it gets.

Diet changes: One of the fastest ways to lower insulin levels, is not to produce it. We produce insulin according to what we eat. Foods that contain or simulate high amounts of sugar will produce a larger insulin responses. Foods with lower amounts of sugar that contain fiber and/or protein, will produce lower amounts of insulin. Eating some fats and not eating at all, will produce no insulin. I am a big promoter of fasting, but it is not necessary to lose fat. What is necessary is getting our hormones to levels that promote fat loss.

Sleep: Getting the right amount of sleep allows our hormone levels to reach desired levels. Too little sleep can result in higher than normal amounts of cortisol, which is directly proportional to insulin. If cortisol goes up, so does insulin.

I mentioned before that glucose was one of two fuel sources. Ketones are the other. When our bodies use fat for fuel, our liver metabolizes fat and converts it into ketone bodies. Ketones are used by our muscles, tissue, organs, and brain. The key difference is that insulin is not required for our bodies to use these ketones for fuel, unlike glucose. This is the key, insulin, which stores fat, is not required when we use ketones for fuel. Want to know more about ketones? Watch this 5 minute video Ketones explained

I hope this helps to better understand body fat and how we make deposits and withdraws.

All post are my opinion and come from my personal experiences. My post are not intended to be used as medical advise nor do they treat or cure any disease. All of us have differences, but lets face it, we are more similar than different. 🙂

Benefits of fasting and the 60 hour fast + Ketones

All post are my opinion, which come from my experiences, and may be different from yours. This post is not intended to treat or cure any diesease, nor should it be considered medical advice. All of us have differences, but lets face it, all of have more similarities than not. 🙂
The most common question I get when I promote the 60 hour fast is “why”? Most people assume its to lose weight, and even though you will most likely lose weight, thats is not the main reason to complete a fast of 60 hours or more. In my opinion, the best reason for fasting is how your bodies hormones respond to it. Below are just some of the positive benefits.
* Insulin: Fasting is the quickest way to lower insulin levels, which is necessary for your body to convert its own fat into fuel.

* Adrenaline: Arround 24 hours into fasting, adrenaline INCREASES. 48 hours in produces 3.6%. After 4 days, resting energy expenditure increases up to 14%. 

* Growth Hormone: Growth hormone plays 2 major roles. It helps to protect and preserve muscle and bone mass and it helps your body increase its ability to burn fats. Growth hormone production tends to decrease with age. One way to increase it is with fasting. Growth hormone has been shown to double in fasts lasting 5 days.

There are many benefits to fasting and I have probably got you thinking that you want to try it. As soon as you tell somebody you’re going to give it a go, here are the Myths that you will hear when it comes to fasting.

* Fasting deprives the body of nutrients: For most people, the bodies fat stores provide ample nutrition for our needs. Studies of prolonged fasting show no signs of malnutrition or micronutrient deficiency.

* Fasting makes you lose muscle mass: The only way this could happen is if you have 4% or less body fat. Your body will burn FAT before muscle. If it didn’t, we as a species would not have made it. Actually, every myth out there can be proven incorrect by that statement. The human body is very resilient and adaptable. 

* Fasting puts you into starvation mode: Again, unless you are under 4% body fat you will have nothing to worry about. But you will hear how your bodies metabolic rate will decrease (shown above that is not the case).

* Your brain needs glucose to survive: Your brain, like every other body part, can use glucose and ketones for fuel. If this wasn’t the case, we would become idiots after 24 hours without food and again we would not have survived as a species. Can you imagine if our ancestors had to hunt or fish for food and this were true?

So do you want to try the 60 hour fast yet? I have 2 options for you. In either case, the best way I have found is to start your fast after dinner. That way you spend more time fasting while sleeping. Don’t eat for 2 days, and then resume at breakfast time. Start slowly with a small light meal to allow your GI track to start working again. I normally do 2 eggs scrambled.

1st option: Nothing but water, coffee, or tea. It’s pretty simple, drink as much water, coffee, and tea as you can and nothing else. No sweeteners.

2nd option: Nothing but water, coffee, tea, and KETO MAX. Same as above, but with the aid of the Keto MAX. Adding ketones to your fast helps keep your energy levels high and gives you more sense of satiety.

I have done both of the above fast, both take a strong will. Adding Keto MAX does help, but it doesn’t make it easy. Hunger will come in waves, but it is mainly mental. I found that if I drank a glass of water AND found something to do, hunger would pass pretty quick. When I fast, my yard or garden looks AMAZING, because I typically will either cut the grass or weed my garden until I forget that I was hungry. For me, I shift into a full ketogenic state around 50 hours. The more I often I fast, the less time it has been taking me to get to that state. When your body starts producing large amounts of ketones and using only its own fat for fuel, its called THE SHIFT. Once this occurs, you feel amazing. Your energy levels sky rocket and your thoughts become crystal clear. It’s pretty awesome. 

I hope this gives you a good reason to try fasting. I am not a doctor, nor do I offer any medical advice. I do recommend the “Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung. He provides many great reasons why fasting is AMAZING and great for you. 

Ketosis explainer video

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In my opinion, Women who are pregnant and young children shouldn’t fast. 

Why I have been blogging about heath and fitness.



My introduction and first video blog. Feel free to comment below with any feedback or questions.

Ketosis explained, campfire video

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FAD… The Fat Adapted Diet

FAD brochure

All post are my opinion, which come from my experiences, and may be different from yours. All of us have differences, but lets face it, all of have more similarities than not. 🙂

What if a FAD diet actually worked? If there was a plan that you could use to set yourself up for a lifetime of feeling and looking better, would you do it? If the plan allowed your body to remember how to use its own stored energy for fuel, giving you mental clarity, protected and helped build muscle, provided clearer skin, aided food digestion, supported better sleep, and improved your overall mood, would you try it? If the plan gave you sources of great foods, supplements, recipes, and when to eat them, would you try it? If the plan incorporated exercise plans that fit your ability and helped you reach your goals, would you? What if it was free? Want more info? Email and I will send you free info on the FAD diet.
I created the FAD plan from years of gaining and losing weight and body fat. I tried many diets that fell short of promised losses no matter how strictly I followed them. Through tons of self experimenting, reading many books and papers on diets and fat loss, I finally figuring out what controls body composition and how to make the changes necessary to achieve my fat loss goals.

I believe that in order to achieve your body compositions goals, you have to account for what you are telling your hormones to do by what and when your eat, how you sleep, and how you exercise. I believe in order to lose fat, you need to lower the amount of insulin responses your body has over a period of time. Lower the insulin responses, increase the fat burning ability. When you are using your own fat for fuel, you are ketogenic, or creating ketones within your body. Raise the ketones in your blood enough, you achieve ketosis. You can achieve ketosis 2 ways. Watch the ketosis explaination video (5 min) here:

Ketosis explained, campfire video

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